Installations view, 256 glazed ceramics, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff Stipendium. Die Ausstellung, Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, 2019, 14 x 7 m


TXT, Installation of 57 glazed ceramics, Further Thoughts on Earthy Materials, GAK Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst, Bremen, 2018, 16 m


TXT, Galerie Noah Klink, Berlin, 2019, dimensions variable.


TXT, in Drawing Wow 2, Kunstsaele Berlin, 256 x 45 cm, 2020 

Language’s male-centric structures are acknowledged as influential in shaping societal norms. The work TXT represents linguistic resistance through the creation of a new language. It features ceramic lines interacting, embodying movement, gestures, and non communicational signs. TXT maintains an enigmatic meaning, encouraging us to focus on the materiality of the message and encounter the world in a non-utilitarian, contemplative manner, thus, potentially sparking new ways of thinking and emancipation.

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