Currently showing:

House of Dreamers, Group Show curated by Anne Laure Lestage
Fondation Boghossian Villa Empain, Brussels
15 June - 1 October 2023 

Upcoming in 2023:

Solo Presentation, Paris + Art Basel, Grand Palais Ephémère
19- 22 October 2023
Parliament Gallery, Paris

Dualé’s practice revolves around questioning the functionality and limits of ceramics. Techniques serve as her research tools as she test the strengths, cracks, and fragilities of each piece she create. She find a level of representation in ceramics, witnessing their own unique performance. Ceramics, resembling the body, inspire her to create forms that metaphorically represent humans in different situations.
Her focus is to challenge the prevailing societal inclination to reduce meaning to a fixed state, resisting objectification and utilitarianism.
Instead, she explore the inexpressible, transitional, seemingly useless, and illegible concepts. She strive to distort representation, allowing it to waver and falter, aiming to awaken the spiritual, ephemeral, and sensual aspects through intentional disruption.

Charlotte Dualé is based between Berlin and Monoblet.
She is represented by the gallery Parliament, Paris.

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Selected Press:

-Nov 22 Studio visit by Gillian N. Osborne, Berlin Art Link

-Mar 22 Impuzzibil by An Paenhuysen, Les Nouveaux Riches Magazin