Entre aide

Entre Aide, glazed ceramics and latex, 0,80 x 24m,
Institut Francais de Berlin, 2021

In a 24-meter-long display case, a series of support systems ( ceramics), organic shapes ( ceramics), and latex strips are showcased in a show-off situation. They rest, stretch, and lean against each other.

The fragmented body-like forms quote the manikin placed in window shopping vitrine to arouse consumer´s desire by making him project the image of the body as complete while representing its absence.

Entre aide
by Liberty Adrien

The French sculptor Charlotte Doualé explores the concepts of domesticity, functionality, form, ornamentation, and utility in her work. Her ceramic and porcelain sculptures are captivating compositions of ideas, intertwining with the narrative of our everyday world. A shape can represent a letter, and its combination can form a word, serving as a metaphorical representation of a body or a household object.

In her exhibition "Entre aide" (Mutual Aid), Charlotte Doualé delves into the significant notion of caring for others. Balanced, supporting, and mutually uplifting, her crafted and distorted artifacts interact within the space. Specifically created for the purpose of these assemblages, each form and counterform carries an individuality reminiscent of every participant in our societies. Like an encyclopedia of possibilities and relationships, her objects with organic contours and intuitive combinations function as forms of expression. The sensitive space created by her language surpasses the boundaries of figurative and abstract, becoming a microcosm of shapes and colors, reflecting character traits and attitudes that unfold like fragments of writings.

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