Dualé's work revolves around the body as a focal point through which to witness oppressive and dominant systems in action. She explores the construction and deconstruction of the human subject, raising questions about how power dynamics continually mold and reshape individuals. 

Dualé predominantly works with ceramic, an archaic material that she uses to create archaic, almost grotesque forms. This medium plastic, malleable, penetrebale, adaptable is serving as a metaphor for the human body itself. But ceramic carries also a historical lineage of utility, notion that Dualé incorporates into her work to challenge and question: She probes how bodies either succeed or fail in conforming to expected roles and functionalities, whether on a personal or societal level, and how these expectations shape them.

Her responses to these inquiries manifest through the reactions of ceramic as a material.Dualé uses ceramic's properties as investigative tools, exploring strength, cracks, and fragility. This process leads to a unique representation within her work, where ceramic pieces bear witness to their own distinctive performances.

She then formulates proposals for emancipation, how to break free from those constraints, transform into a space where dualities blur and a new language can emerge.This language embraces repetition, stuttering, opacity, and encourages the inexpressible, the spiritual, and the seemingly useless, transcending conventional communication.

Charlotte Dualé is based in Berlin and Monoblet. 
She is represented by the gallery Parliament, Paris. 

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Selected press:
Nov 22, Berlin art link, studio visit by Gillian N. Osborne

March 22, Les nouveaux Riches Magazin on Impuzzibil by An Paenhyusen