Charlotte Dualé

Further thoughts on earthy Materials GAK Bremen 15 sept-18 nov 2018, GAK
Ecke, Gillemeier Rech
Exibition view Gillemeier Rech
Bathroom installation, hand painted tiles, private collection
Glukskunst, Textil, Transferfolie, Knöpfe, 37 x 52 cm
Installation view
Or Gallery
Beverly Chills in collaboration with Eric Winkler - Ceramics, porcelains and glazed tiles, wall: 4,90m x 1,80m
Sports supplements, platinium glazed porcelain
Tableau de chasse, Piece 1 a 13
Ceramic, porcelain, glazed
Tableau de chasse
Atelier view
atelier view
power stability coordination
Atelier view